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Welcome to the website of The Morley Agricultural Foundation, a charity set up to support farming in the East of England by funding agricultural research and educational projects.

  • Short Bright Winter Days

    Short Bright Winter Days

  • Harvesting Every Thing But The Trials

    Harvesting Every Thing But The Trials

  • Welcome to The Morley Agricultural Foundation

    Welcome to The Morley Agricultural Foundation

  • Latest Farm Scale Cover Crop and Strip Tillage Report

    Latest Farm Scale Cover Crop and Strip Tillage Report

  • Manor Farm, Morley

    Manor Farm, Morley

  • Over 100 years of Archived Reports

    Over 100 years of Archived Reports

  • Morley Farms Ltd

    Morley Farms Ltd

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    Show Trailer Hire

  • Berseem Clover Cover Crop

    Berseem Clover Cover Crop

  • Cosmos Weather Station

    Cosmos Weather Station

Archived Reports

Archived Reports

Thousands of archived reports dating back more than one hundred years. More >
The Farm

The Farm

Information on Morley Farms Ltd, a commercial farming enterprise. More >
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Funded Projects

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Get Involved

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The Morley Agricultrual Foundation  (TMAF) is a Registered Charity (No. 1097174) which specifically supports farming and agricultural research in the East of England. It was formed in 2003 and inherited its assets from the Morley Research Centre (originally known as The Norfolk Agricultural Station).

The need for independent unbiased research does not diminish even with the prospect of fewer acres being farmed and with fewer people employed. New, well proven techniques are needed to enable farmers to cope with new crops, new economic conditions and the implications of extensive new environmental regulation. In particular, TMAF funds research into arable crops and related education project in East Anglia.


Currently, The Morley Agricultural Foundation provides funding in two main areas:

Research Grants towards projects in agreed areas of arable farming research.
Educational Grants in support of further education studies in approved areas of arable crop production.

In January 2017 the Communication Skills course was successfully run again by Green Shoots Productions 

Thanks to:-
The John Forrest Award,
Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust
The Morley Agricultural Foundation