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The Morley Agricultural Foundation with a farm we are in a unique position to host and fund long term arable crop research projects. This enables the results and information to be freely available to all. In 2006 two major initiatives started, based at Morley and delivered by NIAB TAG

New Farming Systems (NFS)

Experiments mainly examine three inter-related themes;-

  • Fertility building.
  • Tillage
  • Soil amendment use.

These experiments are fully replicated, large plot studies using farm scale equipment and techniques. Further detail and key findings are highlighted in the following documents:-

NIAB-NFS-Evaluating-Cultivation-1 NIAB-NFS-Use-of-Soil-4pp-A5-FINAL-1 NIAB-NFS-Fertility-Building-4pp-A5-FINAL-1 NFS-Bio-sustainable-systems NIAB-STAR-Project-4pp-A5-FINAL-3-14-1

NFS Evaluating Cultivation Approaches

NFS The Use of Soil Amendments

NFS Fertility Building and Cover Crops

NFS Bio-sustainable Systems

NIAB – STAR Project


National Agronomy Centres (NAC)

This NIAB led initiative and is guided by an independent advisory group of farmers, agronomists and researchers from across the Industry. NAC has worked successfully with a range of other collaborators to extend the value and scope of the project. The NAC site at Morley (Norfolk) is complemented by sites in Hampshire and Lincolnshire which host field research and collaborative technical open events. Field research undertaken through the NAC initiative focuses on three main themes;-

  • Long term monitoring
  • Applied agronomy’ (in combinable crops and sugar beet
  • Systems demonstration (linking small plot trials through to field practice)
  • Pesticide applications research’ to improve efficacy and reduce environmental impact).

Reports, reviews and video clips from a range of NAC activities are available online to NAC supporters and samples are accessible on the NIAB website through the following link, just click on the logo below.