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Educational School Visits

School-newspaper2Evie-SamMorley Farms is in many ways a typical South-Norfolk farm growing wheat, malting barley, oilseed rape and sugar beet. Morley Farms is a great place to learn how and why food is produced, and the importance of farming to the local landscape, economy and community.

Schools visits can be tailored to individual groups, a class size group works well but anything from 10-40 can be accommodated. We have a farm trailer to transport visitors around the farm, which always adds to the excitement. School groups are also welcome to make use of our office facilities, where a meeting room is provided for classroom-based activities and for eating lunch.

The crops we grow are not easily recognisable foods like strawberries or carrots. We grow wheat which can be made into flour for bread and biscuits, or used to feed livestock such as chickens. Part of any farm visit includes an explanation of the different crops and their uses. This demonstrates to the pupils the link between the foods we consume every day and the crops growing in Norfolk fields.